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2 Acres of Vacant Land Near Panama City, Florida
Walton County Real Estate Account #19-1N-17-04000-001-0110

Fantastic Location off of Highway 20: 

Within a nice quiet community that has a newly paved road- 
Easy to get to and find, yet the lot is secluded because it's strategically placed just off the main drive!

Zoned Vacant Residential PER ACRE: with the potential to be built on TWICE

The backyard is adjacent to a nearby creek, and it is just 30 minutes from public beach access in Panama City on the Gulf of Mexico!

BONUS OFFER: The winning bidder will also receive an option contract to purchase another two acres at the same price, making it a total of 4 acres adjoined!
Purchase Price and Conditions of Payment
The TOTAL purchase price is $9,995.00 USD
The opening bid of $295 is the minimum bid we will accept as 
DOWN PAYMENT for this auction. The bidder offering the highest bid for down payment will be the winner of this auction.

Down Payment will then be DEDUCTED from the total amount.
After down payment the winning bidder will be required to make minimum monthly payments of $250. The terms are flexible and can extend for a maximum of 36 months with NO prepayment or overpayment penalty.
The bidder clicking through on the "buy it now" option is making an cash offer to pay in full at the total purchase price.
Per Florida Statutes, the property will be transferred free and clear of liens and/or back taxes to the new owner.
All payments go toward the principal.
This purchase is 100% seller financed: No banks, no credit check, no pre-approval needed. Your down payment is your approval! 
We charge a flat fee of $295 for all transfer/document/closing costs (due at the time of closing) which covers the cost an owner & encumbrance report and/or the deed recording fees.
Seller will transfer ownership only AFTER payment is made in full via special warranty deed. 
Property is unimproved and is in AS-IS condition at the time of sale. 
This is an auction for SERIOUS BIDDERS only.
Non-compliant bidders will be permanently barred from participating in any future auctions.
 Thanks for your interest in this auction, & good luck to you!


Upon winning the auction, THE BUYER MUST CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY via phone or email

Payment arrangements are expected within 48 hours. "Payment arrangements" constitute either making payment or confirming that payment has been sent.

After 48 hours, if we cannot confirm that payment arrangements have been made, the listing will be placed into eBay's "unpaid item notification" system. 

 Payment methods accepted are: Check, Online Payment with Zelle, Bill Pay, Chase Quick Pay, Bank Wire or Bank Deposit.

Please be aware: We cannot accept PayPal. PayPal DOES NOT allow payments for any real estate transaction.

Upon Receipt of down payment, A legally binding contract for sale will be sent out to the buyer.

All statements made within this auction are based on our knowledge of the property provided by the county property appraiser and/or having visited it. No surveys, engineering studies, or appraisals have been done on this property.

 When submitting your bid, you must have funds on hand to complete the purchase. Non-Payment can result in the following: An Unpaid Strike, Being Prohibited from bidding on any other of our auctions, &/or the Suspension of your eBay Account.

By bidding you agree to the terms and conditions listed above in this auction.

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