2-Prong LED compatible Flasher EF32RL

2-Pin Variable Load turn-signal and hazard light flasher, LED and incandescent compatible

This flasher is suitable for LED-conversions, but will also work with regular incandescent bulbs, or a mix of LED and regular bulbs. Unlike some transistorized LED-flashers that max out at a few watts, this flasher can switch up to 25 Amps, so you don't have to worry if you're running a mix of bulbs or towing a trailer with non-LED bulbs.

Important: ALL electronic flashers are polarity sensitive, meaning they require the flasher socket to be wired in a particular way, i.e. according to automotive standards. There is a small number of vehicles that are NOT wired correctly from the factory. Since the old-style (thermal) stock flashers would work regardless of how the socket was wired, this isn't a problem until you replace it with an electronic flasher. To determine if your flasher socket is wired correctly, you just need a voltmeter or test-lamp. Please review the last image for instructions no how to test your socket for the correct polarity, and for the 3 possible fixes.

American Motors 321 2067, 321 2068
Buick 10041073, 10041074, 491391, 6450089
Bussmann 224, BP224, 232, BP232, 250, BP250, 323
CarQuest FSHEF32RL
Cadillac 10039390, 10041073, 10041074, 10178780, 10224868, 1636128, 1645314, 1647003, 491391, 6450089, 90055534
Chevrolet 10039390, 10041073, 10041074, 10178780, 11515961, 11516136, 15504673, 1TF552/5366832, 15648653, 491391, 491392, 6450089, 9442874
Chrysler 3837 161,3837 162,4565 012, 4672 198, 5600 7384, MB183875
Dodge MB031754,MB031755, MB338228, 3837 161, 3837 162, 4565 012, 5600 7384, 5600 7370
Dominion 743000, 743019, 743054, 743061, 743094
Echlin 562, 567, 582, 582T
Federal Mogul 262
Ford C5AZ 13350-B, C6AZ 13350-B, D1FZ 13350-A, D87Z 13350-A, D9RZ 13350-A, E80Y 13350-A, F0DZ 13350-A
GMC 10039390, 10041073, 10041074, 10178780, 11516136, 15504673, 15648653, 491391, 6450089
Grote 44530, 44530-3, 44530-5, 44810, 44810-5, 44891
Hella 66412
Hobbs 15570-01
Honda 38300-634-671, 38300-671-672, 38300-692-673
Ideal 575V, 752, 752V
Jeep J321 2067, J321 2068, J322 6900, 3600 1032, 3837 161, 3837 162, 5600 7098, 5600 7228, 56007243
Lincoln C6AZ 13350-B, E80Y 13350-A
Littelfuse 102, EFL102
Mazda ZZLO-66-830, ZZL1-66-830, ZZM0-66-830, 2691-66-830A, 3877-66-830, 3919-66-830
Mercury C5AZ 13350-B, C6AZ 13350-B, E80Y 13350-A, D1FZ 13350-A, D87Z 13350-A, D9RZ 13350-A, F0DZ 13350-A
Mitsubishi MB084668, MB140910, MB183875, MB338228
Napa EL12L1
Nissan 2TF552/5365-P9700
Oldsmobile 10039390, 10041073, 10041074, 491391, 6450089, 9442874
Peterson 554, 570, 572
Plymouth MB031754, MB084668, MB140910, MB183875, MB001455, 3837 161, 3837 162, 4565 012
Pontiac 10039390, 10041073, 10041074, 491391, 6450089, 6832 10073, 6832 10120, 9442874
Renault 3600 1032
Signal Stat 172D, 175, 180, 242, 250, 262
Subaru 7861 22000
Tridon EF-12, LF-12
Truck-Lite 97202, 97210, 285
Velvac 091208, 091215
Wagner 175, 175F, 575, 575A, 575F, BP575A, 592, BP592, 852/5x, 1052, 7210, BP7210, 7212

Please review the specifications for suitable wiring harness or mounting bracket.
Specifications  Bracket: BR1    LED Compatible: Yes    Pigtail: EF2C    Pilot Circuit: No    Prongs: 2 + Ground Wire    Shape: Round    Switching Power: 25 A   Type: Electronic    Voltage: 11 to 15 V  Links & Downloads  Manufacturer's Product Information   Flasher Guide   Drawing  Additional Information  Manufacturer P/N: EF32RL       Brand: CEC Industries       Color: Smoke       SKU:EF32RL       UPC: 014271035852       Other Part # EF32RL     

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